Friday, December 9, 2011

Adore Yourself

Last night's trunk show was a great success & soo much fun!! 
Thank you to everyone who came out ... you all are  thee best/funniest customers... 

Hilarious customer quotes from the evening 
(should I preface this with #martinibar? 

..."I'll take all EX-husband would want me to have them all ;)!" 

& from a dear customer turned dear friend  directed to The Cuban 
(who soo sweetly came to help me out at the end of the show)

..."I was soo worried when you two got together that her work would suffer {eyebrows raised as she reads one of the stories on my tags} ...hmmm... " 

bwahahaha....apparently my "stories" aren't quite soo "tragic romance" anymore as they are "happily ever after" now... lol... I'll try a little harder at the bitterness...she still rears her ugly head every once again ;)


These past few weeks have been pretty mentally & physically brutal...I won't go into too much detail but when a certain Good Girl is trying to quit smoking (it's been 7 days cigarette free!!!) while soo much drama is going on & it's topped off with her parents dog being killed in a hit & run right before she heads out to her trunk show & she's dealing with her son locked in his room sobbing uncontrollably because of the now deceased dog ...well...*sigh* ...My brain hurts...My heart is sad...My body hurts as I fight off the flu & My entire being just wants a puff of a cigarette  & a nap...

BUT I am staying strong! Today is hereby declared "ADORE YOURSELF" day! So go ahead & pamper yourself! Take a 2 hour long nap...get a pedicure... create just for the sheer joy of creating! Bake some yummy cookies & eat them all yourself before the kids come home :) 

Scrabble tile shortbread cookies...yummm!

 Treat yourself! Go deserve it...I know I do ;) !

While you're at it ...treat yourself to a little gift from my shop! Take 30% off with coupon code : Adore Yourself now thru-Sun midnight.

Wishing you all a wonderfully decadent weekend! Leave me a comment & let me know what you're doing to spoil yourself ! & thank you again for last certainly brightened up my day!


alexkeller said...

sorry about your dog :(
but glad you had a good show!
make some cookies - always helps me!

Anonymous said...

So where was this trunk show? Oh... a 30% off code?! HMMMM....

Good Girls Studio said...

@Alex ...thanks love! We made rice krispie treat xmas trees & there is now cookie dough in the fridge for cut outs tomorrow :)

@Anonymous...if you click the link on trunk show it will take you to the event ;) YES 30% OFF ..whoooohooo :) Enjoy!