Monday, October 18, 2010

Here a Chick, There a Chick....

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

I spent Saturday sandwiched between my dear friends Sonya of Metamorphosis Metals & Susan ("Boo") of Bijou Savvy at the Cooke St. Carnvial. We had more fun than should be allowed (especially since we had quite the cooler of goodies!)! I can't believe I get paid to hang out with my friends, listen to bands all day & meet my customers! :)

Best customer quote of the day..."you have the perfect balance of gaudy & good!" lol...pretty sure this was meant as a compliment as she was drooling over this piece!

My parents brought The Boy up to see me...

I {heart} him!!

This is how we do in Raleighwood :)

Sunday I went to church & then grabbed my mom & a friend & headed to the Flea Market.

$2 for the feather trinket box!!


I also managed to squeeze in some time with a dear friend. We took the kids to the park where I discovered I'm officially too old to do cartwheels! I can't move my neck today {ouch}...I'm not liking this growing older bit...hahaha.


What were you birds up to this weekend? Thank you all soo much for your well wishes & words of wisdom last week! I'm still unfunking but have fortunately not let it affect my creativity too much!

Did I mention I darkened my hair again? I think this almost black hair suits me (& my!

Ok my dears...I gotta run & finish getting ready for the ReUse Conference Fashion Show tonight! I have all new models this show & am looking forward to draping them in my goodies! Pics to follow!


Piper (DailyDivaDish) said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And I can see why the customer who gave you the funny compliment was drooling over that necklace...It's gorgeous! Have a beautiful week.
XO Piper

sue said...

Looks like a great week-end! Your little guy is pretty cute - what a grin! Hope your neck gets better - maybe lay off the cartwheels for a while - sad isn't it when the brain is willing but the body konks out!!
lovely finds at the Flea Market too!

sonya said...

i learned the cartwheel lesson last year. i tired to do one and pulled a muscle in my leg :(

alexkeller said...

i like the dark hair - i went lighter in the summer, maybe i'll go darker for winter.
and cartwheels????? woman, you are brave!!! :))))