Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Entry Way

To take the step through the door or not...
that is always the question!!

The entry way, the portal to the next step in the journey...

{The Entry Way available here}

I made the decision to walk through an open door &
I've taken the plunge into the world of juggling!
(jobs that is...hehehe)

{being a goofball at work}

If I've been absent lately (which I know I have!! How is it Oct.7th already!?!) it's because I am juggling several jobs including the whole full time single mom gig & apparently the blog is last in line for my time. Trying to plan my schedule better so I don't leave this behind!

A plus to all this juggling... I have been much more constructive & creative with my time! Always the multi-tasker (must be the former retail manager in me!) I'm accomplishing much more in my day than I was before the extra jobs!

I'll be by to visit all you birds soon!

Much love from my nest to yours...



FairyFiligree said...

I so know what you mean. Been juggling things round all my adult life. But it makes for a fun life - my husband always remarks that there always seems to be so much going in my life! Never a dull moment. & if all that wasn't enough, I went and started a blog too.... Ha!

Saving Capulet said...

oh wow! i hope you take goody care of yourself and not over work :>

ARA said...

lovely necklaces.xx

E said...

It is really hard to juggle work and blogging. I don't know how you do it all as a single mom!

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