Monday, August 23, 2010

A Not So Rocky Start

Last week pretty much kicked my butt mentally & physically!! may have been able to tell by the
onslaught of "Backstabbers" in the shop!

& the weekend brought a slew of "On The Rocks" necklaces
{le sigh}

But here it is Monday again & I am out of my funk
{fingers crossed}
& ready to take on this new week!!

~ Flowers for you this morning~

It is almost 9am & I have already accomplished tons
& (bonus) I slept like a baby last night :)

What do you birds have planned for this week?

I have a kick-off shindig for fashionSPARK
(check it out here if you're in Raleigh & want to meet up!)
If you're a fan of mine on Facebook you're already familiar with all craziness I went through last week trying to find music for the fashion show (which I did Friday night {phew}) & I finally got started on my collection for the show!!

Diva Rehab Collection: The beginnings....

I know...I'm such a tease!

I did finish the first piece & sketched out all my designs which I typically don't do!


One last thing! I have a sale going on in my shop
(not my Etsy store!)
It started Friday as a celebration for finding my music but I decided to extend it until this Friday! Use coupon code: IMAGOODGIRL to receive 30% off your purchase!

You are the Bees Knees & I love love love that you stop by to visit!! Please do say hello :)


Saving Capulet said...

wow!! you've been really really busy! but the pieces are super duper gorgeous! cant wait to see more <3

Kristin said...

Stop making me wanna shop lady. HA!

alexkeller said...

well, hello! hope this week is better for ya :)

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