Tuesday, May 4, 2010

& Everything Nice

Revamping that spice rack
got me on a cleaning kick in the studio!

~*~*~*~Now it is all spick & span & shiny ~*~*~*~

Speaking of shiny I was tagged by my dearest
Melissa over at Sew Sweet Stitches to list...

10 things that make me happy

No.1...Shiny sparkly jewelry
(look at it all just taunting me to come & rip it up!)

No.2...The Boys laughter
(he's so determined not to laugh in this pic...hahaha)

No.3...Great finds at thrift stores


No.5...Spring Gardens
(I took this pic at my parents house 2 weeks ago)


(got this cross stitch for $1 last weekend!)

No.8...The generosity of my friends

No.9...Tea parties with my Niece
(gawd I love her! can't wait 'till she comes for the summer!)

(I have no idea who this person is or why she is
wearing a snuggie in public at the ice rink..bwahahahahah)

No11: making things for my friends :)

~Mothers Day Giveaway~

(I made these just for you)

One lucky winner will receive these earrings to gift to her mom or her best friend or maybe just to keep for herself because she really deserves something to make her smile ;)

All you have to do is answer a little question for me & leave your answer in the comments along with your email adr. so I can notify you if you win! Comments will be open until Thurs. night to enter to win.

So without further ado...

If you could sum up your mom with a piece of jewelry what would she be??

I'll go first so you get the idea 'k...

My mom would be vintage 1960's enameled flower brooches. She was a hippy through & through & I remember as a child playing dress up with those very brooches that I now rip up for a living! This was a toss up between that & huge, over the top 1980's earrings which for some reason play a vivid role in my childhood memories :)

(searched through all my photos & have none of her in either of those, I must scan some from her house & post them!)

~*Can't wait to hear all about your lovely mothers *~


PS: thanks for the well wishes my dearest birds!
I am feeling much better & haven't been dizzy for 6 days now!

PPS: sorry for the pic ma.
If it makes you feel any better here's a doozy of me
( I can't believe you paid $ for these!)
The Boy just said "is that you mom 'cuz you look like a boy?" hahaha, no wonder I play dress up & design jewelry for a living, my childhood was robbed by a girlscout with a mullet :)


Ingrid Williams "imagirlscout" said...

My mother would be a string of pearls, making something beautiful from dirt with her love and care ... Something discarded became something beautiful, tended, and lasting.


Christina said...

That is a great question to ask for a giveaway.

My mom would be a long pendant necklace, a modern take on something vintage with antique brass tones. She is a classy yet hip mama. :)


Rachel said...

oh i love sparkly jewelry & thrift store finds! :)

icandy... said...

My mother would be a diamond... the best there is!

AnniePat said...

my mom would be a random [non-]pattern of jewels and beads with lots of flare and individuality, that appear to coordinate simply because of the confidence with which they present themselves.

kirstyb said...

love love love this post xxxxx

treasurefield said...

You won't believe this, but the earrings for your giveaway would almost perfectly define my mom. She's always been classy and dressed in classic styles, never flamboyant or showy, just beautiful. She knows how to accessorize without looking cluttered.
She's always sewn and crocheted her own clothes, and she loves pearls (which is why your earrings remind me of her). But she doesn't "do" dangle earrings. LOL!
So if I won your giveaway, I'd keep those pretties for myself and let them remind me of mom.
:) Alisa (mrstreasurefield @gmail.com)

Artist said...

I love pictures of flowers that's why I like your rose photo the most. Just last week I finished my painting of the first red tulips appearing in the garden.

Vintage French Hen said...

My mother is a real gem. No pun intended! The earrings are beautiful...Marcia

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