Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dizzy Up The Girl

What's good, juicy & keeps tilting to the left??

Answer: Me {well, except for the juicy part perhaps ;) }

I have vertigo for the third time in my life.
Not sure if I've mentioned it here on le blog or not
but alas it is back!
{sad face}


Hmm...wondering if expletive is a bad word in and of itself !?! ;)

Trying to get in with a specialist so pray I can get in quickly please & that they can get me all straightened out & less slideways (that would be the best word to describe how I've been feeling!)!

In lieu of my symptom
(did you know vertigo is a symptom & not a disease or illness. It's actually caused by lots of other things, some scary & some not so scary, we won't dwell on those things!)
...let's dance it out to this happy twirly song ...

~the whirlpool image makes me giggle~

In between dizzy spells I did manage
to get a few new pretties in the shop!

~ Orange Crush~
...it started out as a crush & turned into an obsession!
Well, "they" did say orange was the new black!

(available here)

~Gypsy in My Soul~
...She spread her wings & flew away,
leaving her past where it belonged
(available here)

Hoping to get the rest of the jewelry from the fashion show into the shop today! Wishing you all super productive days (or really lazy relaxing days if that is your desire!)

Thee Good Girl


Anna said...

oh no!! Vertigo is the worst. I get it too but it's because of an inner ear prob I have. Hope you can get in and get it figured out. In the meantime, dramamine works wonders! :)

grrfeisty said...

oh noes!! feel better! i like the title of your post :D

Kristin said...

UGH, I hope they figure this out for you!

Jen said...

Oh! I hope you feel better! Dizzy spells can be fun for a second, but full on vertigo ... not so much. I had it once, and thankfully it went away after a few days.

Walk The Sand said...

Love the butterfly clip... adorable.
Hope you get better soonio

kirstyb said...

loving the butterfly xxxxx

CrowNology said...

Egh. Sounds horribly terrible! ;)
I hope you are balanced again soon!

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