Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shopper Faints From Overdose of Eye Candy!

I finally did it...

~On The Rocks~
(collection available here)

(collection available here)

~Unchained Melody~

(finally up for grabs!)


~Don't Rain on MyParade~

I updated the shop!

& then ... I went thrift shopping!
My vintage treasures will be revealed tomorrow...
For now, I must take a nap!



Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh my goodness...everything is fabulous and I think Charming is calling my, it's screaming my name!

Love it all you mega talented and clever girl!!!


Createology said...

How satisfying to update your shop and get those projects off your worktable. Very interesting pieces. Love the backstabber series. Happy creating.

Yellow Elm said...

loving everything...especially the earrings!

Pearl Westwood said...

All so beautiful, but I do love the On the Rocks!!

CrowNology said...

These new creations are fabulous! I love the earrings! All of them!
I would love for us to do a ballet class together, though I have a funny feeling we'd be kicked out! ;) Tutu and Motorcycle boots...Are you in? How's that for a jewellry story? Two curvy chicks, ballet studio, motorcycle boots, pink tulle...Sounds delish!
oh you should read "the book" -lol- it is good.