Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be My Bittersweet Valentine

**Imprisoned Love**

...when he stole the key to her heart
she never realized that
forever would she be a prisoner of his love...

{Available here}

It has been requested that I make some new Valentines that are Romantic instead of Bittersweet & Sarcastic...

I can't bring myself to do it :)

That has everything to do with my sense of humor
& nothing to do with any hangups of bitterness towards the Ex.Mr.Good Girl!

& I am super romantic!!!
Tragically almost....
just not on Valentines Day!
(especially when the Good Girl has no Bad Boy readily available!hahaha)

If you need a custom order new lovey dovey story to go with your sarcastic new necklace,
shoot me a note & I'll make it all "happily ever after" just for you :)
{this has already been done once this week!}

& if you think perhaps the Good Girl really just needs a man...
read it & weep...

(as spoken en route to pick up dinner this evening)

The Boy: "mom, wouldn't it be cool if to get married you just paid someone!"
Moi:" huh?"
The Boy: "some guy could give you $10 & you would get married to him!"
Moi: {eyebrows raised}
The Boy: "maybe he might need to pay you $20." {pondering}
Moi: "where in the world do you come up with this stuff?" {facepalm}
The Boy: "...never mind, you would probably have to pay him!"

& that my dearest birdlings
is why I am single :)

To find more bittersweet Valentines please click here!
More coming later this week!

Won't you be my Valentine??



Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I for one L-O-V-E your bittersweet & sarcastic approach to creating! Your Imprisoned love necklace is gorgeous!!

Do you also take special requests for over the top sarcastic? I'd like for you to make me a necklace with a Mag 45 to remind me that I didn't shoot that bastard when I had the chance!

Sorry, long day...long week...sigh!

Oh that boy is something else...I see where he gets his personality and wit!

alexkeller said...

haha - I'll be your Valentine!

the real mia said...

Ha ha. That exchange is SoooOo funny. I have funny feelings about V Day too, mostly because it is my mums birthday and even though I have a sweetheart now I rarely get the chance to be romantic.

Alisa said...

That is too funny! Kids!

jade said...

Gotta love the things kids say!! Charmers for sure! I love skeleton keys always have, always will, so nice!

Leproust Vintage said...

This necklace is darling!

Fringe said...

i think sarcasm is underrated and far too often misunderstood. i say keep up the good work, friend!

the exchange with your boy...what a hoot!

i've never been a fan of valentine's day myself. i've always felt that there are too many high hopes waiting to be shattered and far too many tender-hearted one-sided loves being crushed all for the sake of retail marketing.

(steps off soap box)