Friday, October 16, 2009


I spent most of yesterday covered
in feathers & glue

....The Studio looks like
a flock of birds flew in & molted ;)

But now there are hair clips & headbands aplenty!

My mommy showed up yesterday with a treasure chest full of goodies! Apparently the vintage gods took pity on me & my low supply of goodies because she brought me the mother load! It took me over an hour just to go through it & another hour to sort it & put it {read: horde it} away to be able to use it! Thank you mom!

My desk after the crazy work load this week!
I did manage to take a quick pic of the bird tea cup & saucer I mentioned the other day!
This is the back
...does it mean anything to any of you birds?

Here's a sneak peek at what one of the models
will be wearing for the Fashion Show tomorrow!

It's called "A Hot Mess" !
(that's 2 necklaces in the picture)

& my latest obsession....
Slinky earrings!
They are made from antique ball chain off a lampshade! Crazy nuts! My friend used to wear the woven lampshade as a necklace when he did drag ;) Hilarious! Oh well, what's old is new again!

& these little beauts used to be Christmas tree icicles!

Handblown glass that glitters in the light!

So cute on!


Well my birdlings,
if I seem a bit scatter brained as of late
it's because I'm living like this...

The boxes are haunting me
& I'm no where near finished packing!

Have a lovely weekend & I hope to see you at the Rock & Shop tomorrow!



RosyRevolver said...

Gosh, I need this post. Such inspiration and enthusiasm!! Don't know why I'm a bit low on both today, but the certainly helped! xoxo

Good Girls Studio said...

I hope you got your enthusiasm tank filled back up :) Whoohooo!

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