Tuesday, September 22, 2009


(the good girl with an updo)

The Beginning : The day started at 12 when the models got there hair done at Atomic Salon & we talked them into doing our hair as well. (Hollie you rock!)

~Close up of my headband~

Pics of all the girls & the show coming!

Wait...don't go!
My paparazzi is editing them as I type this !
Since I showed the beginning ....
Here is the end!

Jamie & I coming back up the runway
from our designer walk of fame.
I'm raleigh famous!
(please read that with a sarcasm font!)


I didn't puke or fall down hooray!

I was shaking like a leaf afterward! Holy smokes I've never been that nervous! It was said there was 1,000 people there! I didn't get to count as I'm pretty sure I blacked out when I got on the runway! Eeek!

It was a very fast long day! Once the show was over I went over to my sales tent & helped my girls sell. Made it home after 11pm. Soo tired!

Back downtown for bazaarSpark by 8:30am the next morning! I was delirious all day! It was said I sang to most of my customers...that is most likely true! If I talked to you or didn't & totally forgot who you were, don't take it personally...I could barely remember my own name :)

However was I going to wake up???

Thee entertainment!
You know you're friends for life when she
hula hoops just to make you smile & wake up!

Yvette came all the way from Tampa to
be there for me this weekend!
She's the besties!
(Intro: "That's What Friends Are For" )

My pearl set up @ BazaarSpark on Sat.
I must be on a pearl kick!

Some of it has made it's way into the shop...

~Locked & Loaded~
...not your mother's pearl necklace!
(up for grabs here)

Theresa modeling for me :)

Lots to do! I've been taking pictures all day for a shop update & a secret interview I've been working on...hopefully I can spill the beans soon! I'm so bad at keeping secrets {sheesh}!
I'm also trying to get some more goodies whipped up for this weekend.
Look for me this Saturday at the Carrboro Artisian Market! There's also the Blo photoshoot on Sunday (hopefuly they'll let me take pictures!) .

Hope you birds had a lovely weekend! Thanks for keeping the rain away for me :)



RosyRevolver said...

OH, I bet you were AMAZING!! I'm so sorry I missed it; I was crazy getting ready for my own silly stuff. But you looked BEAUTIFUL and the jewelry is just lovely. I read about the event in the paper; I'm so glad you got a wonderful turnout and all that publicity.

We still need to go get coffee!

Good Girls Studio said...

Thanks JJ...yes coffee! We need to make a plan!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I am so happy for you and it sounds like it was a fabulous success!

I've been thinking about you and wondering how it went, sorry it took me so long to check in with you I've been so busy at work and it's really interfering with my blogging life. Enough of that let's get back to your awesome show...love the head band and your Locked & Loaded necklace is divine and that pearl setup of yours looks amazing!

I'm so glad you had great and entertaining friends to support you! Good luck this weekend! Can't wait to hear more about the not so secret, secret interview!


K @ Blog Goggles said...

What an awesome experience! Congrats!!

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