Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blown Away

Greetings from the Carrboro Artisan Market!
{side note: this started off as an awesome hair day!}

It drizzled all-day-long!
Fortunately for us, the people of Carrboro
are nuts for their crafty fixes because despite the
weather there was still a bit of a turnout!

Thank you to the lovely ladies from Roulette
who put this shindig together!

They had fun vintage buttons in their booth!
I want them all!

Also, a thank you to Sarah Mclane who co-hosted the event. She is thee sweetest thing & I can't wait for her to whip me up a very special something to wear ! & I had the pleasure of meeting Emily who paints the most adorable Japanese artwork!

So, while I was literally blown away on Saturday, it was more a figure of speech on Sunday when Jamie & I trucked it over to Blo Salon to style their hair photo shoot! The stylists & models were all wonderful to work with & the photographer was fantastic! So, without further delay here are a few shots I took at the photo shoot....

These shots are all of my Diva necklace!

It is so much fun to play with &
we ended up using it on several different girls

She has a collage brooch of mine on also.

She's wearing it as a belt!

You might also remember the necklace
from it's fashionSpark debut!

I have tons more pics to show you! My absolute favorites are coming tomorrow! If you can't wait until then you could mosey on over to my facebook page & look through the photo album. While you're there go ahead and "fan" me so you get first glimpse of all things Good Girl :)

Don't forget this Friday is First Friday downtown!
Meet up with me @ Catch22
You'll find new goodies like this...

Behind Closed Doors
...she could hear them arguing even though
she was supposed to be asleep in bed.
As their angry voices turned to laughter
she drifted off to sleep...

There are few more peering girls coming into the shop this week so keep your eye open for them ;)

Did you birds have a lovely weekend? I'll be catching up on my blog reading as soon as I pack another box {sigh}, Still haven't found a place to move into yet! Pray that I find something soon please! Living among boxes isn't fun!



Kate said...

You look so adorable in that first shot!!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Awww shucks :)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Goodness you have been very busy! Goodness you have been very busy! Loved catching up on all you posts and seeing all of your beautiful creations. Lovely photo of you and a good hair day indeed!!

Gosh how I would love to go to one of your shows and see your beautiful treasures in person. I just adore your style and the thought you put into all of your designs, how I would love to have just one ounce of your talent!!!

I'm off now to check out your face book and your album but first I will get a tissue because I'm sure I will be drooling all over myself!!

Hope you find a place soon, you can come and live with me, that way I could get my hands on some of your lovely treasures!

Big Hugs,