Thursday, August 13, 2009

Burning the Midnight Oil

A quick post to show you birds what I was up to
whilst you were sleeping last night !

~Time Will Tell~

~ Night @ The Symphony~

~Wishing on a Star~
(available here)

You can see a few more detail pics on my Flickr.
I don't think they will be in the shop until Mon.
Tomorrow is crazy busy...more on why later!

& I wanted to show you my newest endeavor!
I am soo excited about this!!!

~Geisha Girl~
(she's a headband!)

I'm working on a line of hair accessories!
From wee little bobbies (which I have some in the shop already)
to barrettes to couture headbands like the one shown.
For a bad pic of it on click here
working on getting some better shots of it.

I'm very sleepy after staying up so late past my bedtime!



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DJ said...

Love that headband. 100% original.