Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bang'N Around

I got bangs cut today!

Looove them...I feel 8 all over again : )
Apparently I have to "train" them to not part all goofy in the middle
...copious amounts of product later
they have joined the rest of the gang & decided not to part ways :)

Side Note : if you were to ask me if I got highlights I would have to say "No, the bright shiny lights reflecting off my head would be the silvery/gray ones exposed from getting a haircut for the first time in over 8 months " : )

The background of that shot is a vintage botanical print my mom gave me that has been resting in the corner of my dining room for far too long & finally got hung up!

'tis very cool!!

The best part is, that it wasn't until we hung it up
I realized that it was about reproduction & fertility!!
Look Closer!
My mom told me to hang it in my bedroom but that could be awkward if I ever get a date again! hahaha's the first thing you see when you walk in the front door now ! I {heart} it!

pssst....I have a secret....
I have a tassel obsession as of late, so
(of course )
I whipped up my own version of this fall trend ....

~Pole Star~
(can be found at Revolver)

~Pole Star No2~
Coming soon to the shop!

(are you getting the pun here my birdlings?? )

I am such a goofball this week!
I don't know what my deal is?? hahaha

I best be off,
'nite 'nite,

PS: T got a back to school haircut too!
....he wanted to share :)

I {heart} his dimples!

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Kate said...

Oh Jo, I love that print! Fantastic! I was just looking around for some botanical studies of bees and when i saw your print my heart took a little leap! Gorgeous. you're a lucky gal!

Oh, and I adore the haircut. Hooray for bangs! I'll never go back.

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