Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sock-It...Lock-It..Put It In Your Pock-It

Love'n some lockets...

~The Nicest Place~ your side I can do anything

~Love Birds~
...they flew through the clouds happily ever after
This last girl isn't a locket but she likes to fly around with
the other birds so I thought I'd include her here as well...
~Bird Language~
...he knew to stay away when her feathers were ruffled!

Lots more photographed!
(you can catch a sneak preview right here if you're so inclined)
I've had a bit of crazy day involving: (not to be Miss Complainy Pants)
a bra breaking whilst being worn, a car smoking when I'm on my way to an appointment & a phone call from the IRS {sheesh}

The first one was fixed rather easily (hooray for bra sales at Belks!) & the last one (thank The Lord) was more of a miscommunication & easily resolved as well! Still waiting to hear back from the mechanic...I'm not holding my breath on that one! Good thing there's this! Holy Cow if you're a lover of Peanut Butter you must go out & get this immediately! (I had to put it away before I polished off the whole pint!) (& put Hershey's syrup on it for en even taster treat! I will shut up now!)

Hope you birds are enjoying your Thursday : )

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