Friday, May 1, 2009

Reuse Revolve Revamp

Come out for thee most Eco Fabulous event in Raleigh!
{May 7th 7-10pm}
& hang out with me :)
Jaime Powell of Revamp & the artwork of Eddie Taylor!


Now for a sneak peek of the Good Girls Studio photo shoot that's been going on in Tampa
sorry...that's all you're getting out of me about that :)

Actually Jaime is keeping all the pics hush hush so even I don't really even know what she's up to with all my baubles & those hot babes! You can check out her latest projects right here on her website (the Maxim Hotties are , to say the least {hehehee}! )


Mrs. Peacock wanted to say hello (sounds like "P-kaaw")
Mrs. Peacock the library with the jewelry box :)
You can check her out right here.

I'm off for a scrumptious meal at the 'rents! I see Italian food in my future this evening ;) Have a lovely weekend my birds!



Cedar said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color so much.

Good Girls Studio said...

Thanks ! It's a very happy blue :)