Friday, April 17, 2009

Durham Art Walk Prep

Wanna sneak peak at the new baubles
I whipped up for the Durham Art walk???

Oh, you want to see more, do ya...I hear you : )

There's a new charmed necklace, Backstabber No2, several key lariats (similiar to this) , more of the Lord & 2 new leather & suede backed vintage buckle pendants...I {heart} them!

& what would a spring show be w/o flowers!?!

New blooms as well as some fun retro'ish rings!
(you can click on the image for a closeup)

& I'd like to introduce you to my newest obsession
...vintage earring bobbbies!
Vintage earrings courtesy of Kate & my moms neighbor Linda!
(as well as a bit of thrift shopping at antique malls)
Thank you!!!

Did I share with you my most spectacular find when I was on vacation??
It's from 1955 & I paid a whopping $1.50 for it!

Great pictures....I feel a collage project in my future!

Well my birdlings, I still have stories to write & tags to be made for the Art Walk tomorrow so I must fly off now! If you're in the neighborhood & want to stop by this weekend My booth will be inside Morgan Imports across from BrightLeaf Sq. & you'll be able to see (& touch & try on) all the goodies! Hope to see you there! Mention this post & get 10% off!



Kate said...

Wish I could come and visit! If that green ring doesn't sell will you let me know? I adore it!

Good Girls Studio said...

Sure thing jelly bean. Love your new pic BTW :)