Monday, April 20, 2009

The Best Nest

This little family was perched above the door of the shop where I had my table for the art walk this weekend!
What a sweet welcoming committee!
We watched the daddy bird fly back & forth across the street adding straw to the nest. Soo sweet! Tweet Tweet :)

My mom got my some lovely new fabric for my tables. Silky see through nude & some tulle layered on top w/creamy white table cloths underneath for more texture (& to hide my unsightly boxes).
~Front View~

Corner & other side view

The black box of rings ended up getting put away & I just tossed the rings around the table.

A big thank you to my dearest Sarahliscious for coming & help me set up & staying with me to play for the first day! It reminded me of us working together at Adrienne Vittadini...dressing up customers & people watching all day. Fun Fun! Almost made me miss those retail days...ahahahahahhah...Almost would definitely be the key word there my birdlings! Almost!

~Sarah & I ~
"Cheese" :)


I've slowly been adding the latest creations to the shop.

~Backstabber No2~
... best of friends...until you told everyone my secrets.

This sharp necklace is comprised of a vintage etched pocketknife (fully functioning but a little dull) & a vintage sterling sliver heart locket (opens so you can put in pics of you & your NEW BF!).
Available here.

~A Night On The Town~

…she always carried a subway token with her just in case her date went sour.

Vintage clasp repurposed as a charm holder now holds: vintage NY subway token, Victorian mirror, replica vintage key & Prehnite faceted gemstones. Strung on a vintage 14K gold chain.

(Should make it into the shop tomorrow)

on a side note...I thought I'd let you mockers ( I {heart} that word) know that the very first piece of jewelry I sold was this ! Hilarious! I must be a bit dense because I had several people tell me it seemed very "beware of the vampires" but that really never entered my mind! Maybe I was subconsciously making fun of Twilight :) HAhahaha! I actually sat down to finally watch it today with a friend & when I opened up the case the movie wasn't in it! Prolific!?! Guess I'm not supposed to watch it after all ;)

Hope you birdlings had a wonderful weekend! I still have gagillion pict to edit & lots more to add to the shop...see ya soon



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Kate said...

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch the movie. Read the book, if anything, but don't watch the movie. Trash. Not unlike the book, which was a literary work of art. I kid. Seriously, though, don't waste any of your precious time on the movie.

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