Friday, February 20, 2009

Treasure Trove

Her love would live forever...
Ruling over kingdoms yet to come
As the jewels would sparkle forever
Preserved in her crown for a lifetime

Would you like to see it on??
It is not for the shy in spirit!

But then again...
no one has ever accused me of being
a delicate flower {smirk}

I have a secret to share with you birds!
No, it is not about the job
(that didn't take! so don't worry your pretty
tale feathers off thinking I'm leaving you!)
My studio is cleaned & organized & I am so over joyed with the sheer glory of it all that I thought I'd let you peek into my vintage jewelry boxes. That is where I keep my most precious of hidden treasures! I love opening them & wondering what their former owner hid in them??? Pearls from her grandmother? Diamonds from a lover? Teeth from her stint at playing Tooth Fairy :) (hehehe , that is what I found on my mother's jewelry box as a child! It was very eeeewwww & yucky & also sad at the knowledge that there was no sneaky fairy all dressed up in wings and covered in wonderland dust breaking & entering at night whilst we were asleep!)

(Click on the boxes to see a close up of the treasures)
I'm on the look out for more jewelry boxes but I think I'll have to hit up the flea market as I payed as much in shipping as I did for the boxes alone!

What are you chickadees up to this weekend?
I have a meeting at an ungoldy hour tomorrow morning & then off to a roller skating bday party for one of T's friends. Let's hope we both come back with all our bones attached :)


PS: Tyler announced this morning that he is now a man & thus he would not like cuddles while being tucked into bed! I will cry myself to sleep tonight as my 7 yr old sleeps in his own hugless bed :(

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