Friday, January 30, 2009

Bird On The Brain {Shocking I Know}

~His Story~
...the little fellow flew North, stopping to open his book & tell his story to any that would listen. "Spring was on it's way, if only they could hold out a bit longer!"
(available here)

~Upon A Star~ she made her wish upon the shooting star her feathered friend caught it and carried it into the heavens where it was certain to be granted.
(available here)

I only have a few GWP's left (I love that term, reminds me of my retail manager days back at Burdines ! & folks, Wikipedia is stands for Gift With Purchase!)! You birds keep pecking things right out of my very hands! I'll be spending the weekend making a few more surprise gifts for you. Hurry up & grab your Valentine Day gifts soon so they get there before the holiday! Go on, you deserve a little something special just for this perhaps!?!

Have a lovely weekend my dears!


halloweenie, smile! said...

Such cute jewellery! :D

Kate said...

Jo, please stop making such amazing bird jewelry. You're killing me.

Good Girls Studio said...

Kate you could always place an order for the shop & then just wear it until it sells :) It could be a marketing expense?

Sunny Rising Leather said...

What adorable little birdees!