Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vintage Wedding Jewelry & a Tired Designer

~~Taa daaaaaa~~

Vintage Wedding Glove Jewelry Galore!
New shapes & designs include:
asymmetrical vintage crystals,
earrings, faceted glass, ovals & tiny squares!

~Not quite vintage* prom dress scrap pendant~
(* it was mine & technically while it feels like it was at least 20 yrs ago it was only 13!)

Oh & I made these earrings, vintage goodies & Amethyst on the last one!

I also made 2 other lariat necklaces & finished soldering the other 3 pendants.
I need a nap {she yawns} !

What have you birds been up to today?


Kate said...

Haven't been up to much except for the total shock I'm in over how much you've accomplished in such a short time!

Good Girls Studio said...

Kate you're soo funny! I guess I did get alot done..but now my shoulders are sore & I have a headache from inhaling solder fumes!