Sunday, October 19, 2008

Duomo To Go

My mom took some beautiful photos of Duomos on her recent trip to Italy. Every building is carved with amazingly intricate statues, most depicting Christ & His crucifixion. I wanted to create a way to incorporate her images into something she could keep close by her to remember her trip....thus...a wearable scrapbook of sorts!

This little collection is a tribute to the Duomos of Milan.

~This angel hangs beneath a vintage rhinestone encrusted buckle
& has accents of vintage crystals along the chain~

~He hangs from an asymmetrical row of Labradorite~


& For a little change in tempo

~Pun intended~

More newness...the piece of sheet music I cut this out of is called Agitation!


We also did a little ....

...Pumpkin Carving

...Halloween fun this weekend!

Remeber how I was Ms. Complainy pants about the hot weather the other day???
It's supposed to freeze & get into the 30's tonight! Whooohoooo!
I see a nice roaring fire in my future tomorrow :)

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Kate said...

These are great, and I'm glad you're getting the cool weather you deserve. I had to scrape off my car windows yesterday!!!