Monday, October 6, 2008

Bird Ode to Rings

I thought I'd let my favorite birds share some
magical rings I conjured up this morning!

~vintage enamel flowers on filigree~

~Revamped Vintage clip-on earrrings~
(I think it's thermoset but I don't know how to tell
for sure)

~Vintage Military Button on filigree~

~Vintage tiny Italian Mosaic on filigree~
(another revamped vintage clip-on)

The rest of the newbies.
The cameo ring is past your knuckle huge...
very cool on! (bad pics, hopefully retakes tomorrow!)

4 more days 'till I pick a winner!
Your entry goes on this post.


Kate said...

Lovely and gorgeous as usual, Jo!

rebekka said...

Um...these are GORGEOUS! Off to check out your other things!!!!

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