Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tiger Woods Has Nothing on This Kid

Tiger Woods Has Nothing on This Kid....also known as "The Post Wherein Johanna's Computer Works & She Can Upload Pictures Once Again!"

Dear Tiger Woods, Meet my son T. He will most definitely stomp you one day!

In lieu of the last depressing post are (finally) some pics of our adventure on the coast prior to the fall out w/the computer

My niece...She knows a prince when she sees one!

Fun at the aquarium

Tyler: an afternoon alligator snack
~~~Lost at sea~~~


Thee best past of the trip...

A meet up w/Tess...seamstress, vintage collector & cupcake apron maker extraordinaire! Can't tell you enough how awesome she is! Check out her website: she also has an Etsy shop where she sells her vintage finds. For the paparazzi.....She's sporting an "Orbits" necklace by Good Girls Studio & dress Made By Tess :)