Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Work in Progress

(that's some very serious excitement here folks if you couldn't tell by the ALL
caps & running together of out of breathness!)
(& yes, I get excited in green for some reason)

I was playing w/these new to me vintage enamel flowers & I wanted to keep
them rather simple (which is hard for me because I'm an overboard kinda gal)
& not so much dangley (is that a word because spell check said "not so much!") I decided to try & solder them to my favorite circle ear hooks...
***I am in vintage enamel flower heaven***

Simple & happy! I love how when I soldered them some of the enamel
came off making them more shabby chic :) Not sure if they're finished yet or not??
They may need another layer of flower petals of maybe a gemstone bud in the center???
Any ideas cheeky monkees???
...I'm all ears (as you can tell by the fab pic of me modeling them & my new hair do )!

**I actually remembered to let the earrings cool after I soldered BEFORE I tried them on! if any one remembers this post :)


Kate said...

I love the simplicity of them, especially the green pair in your ears. And I adore the haircut! I'm in the growing out phase of a really short cut and it's driving me nuts. Can't decide if I should hack it off again or let it grow. Hmmmmm, yours makes me want to hack it!

Good Girls Studio said...

arg..I hate that phase! That's why when I cut it off it stays short for years. Hacking is good :)