Monday, November 5, 2007

No Pain No Gain

Don't you hate the sometimes shocking burning pain that comes along with a learning experience?!? Shocking burning pain??? ( & you're thinking....What kind of lesson was she learning???) Let's just say sometimes the learning curve is very steep when you've had 8 cups of coffee on an empty stomach & you decide to play w/a soldering iron! :) ....So yeah, I was soldering this little number:

Here forth known as exhibit A!

Soldered on the chain & picked it up by a petal & immediately dropped it because it ... WAS ...HOT...(imagine that!) So...bright girl that I am, I picked it up by the chain which was (score!) not hot! & promptly held it against my neck to see if it was the right length (are you seeing where this is going ????) ....sizzle...sizzle...sizzle went my neck! I think my DNA may be a permanent piece of this necklace :) Nice!...Lesson learned (hopefully)....No touchy hot copper ;)


Kate said...

Oh man, I LOVE this necklace. I'm sorry you were injured, though. Will you consider making more, or at least one more for my future wholesale order???

Jenn Ski said...

It's beautiful!