Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowing into Spring's snowing outside & I'm in here watching the fire & whipping up yummy
Spring Time shop newbies!
Side note:
***Tyler stuck his foot through the light box= craptastic pics!***

Terrible light, these center buds are really yummy Buttercup colored Calcite beads.
Vintage copper flower in a Turquoise "vase".

This one makes me smile...Happy yellow bird on a branch of Citrine flowers.

Vintage copper flowers & chandelier crystals, this one has a really great pinkish patina that unfortunately did not come out in the pics :(

In other news....Tyler & I had Thee best snowball fight & I quote "MOMMY THIS WAS THE BEST NIGHT, IT WAS MAGICAL LIKE CHRISTMAS!" (yes... he was pretty much screaming this @ me he was soo excited) We're still defrosting by the fire an hour later!

Hope you cheeky monkees are having a great weekend!

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