Sunday, January 20, 2008


So... he's been making this face &
saying "I am an evil minion" all weekend!
...aren't kids great!?! hmmm... the story behind the sister & her fam moved away this week (yes, a week of loss, first my sis & her squishies & then a tooth ...& perhaps my sanity!) & we were missing them! My mom had this great idea of baking w/the boy (trying to recreate her happy memories w/my now Texan niece)...except, well, he's a boy & instead of the painstaking measurements & sheer joy my niece took when cooking w/grandma..she got stuck w/the boy who through in the butter (w/the wrappers still on!) got egg shell in the batter & then proceeded to drop an egg on the floor. He never did finish baking the cookies! ...but boy did that batter taste good! :)

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