Friday, November 2, 2007


Warning...follow this link & read the article *ONLY* if you are NOT drinking anything...because seriously...when wine comes out your nose because you're laughing THAT hard....well, let's just say it doesn't feel very good ;)

You Are Not My Friend by Joel Stein

Not ready to click on the link??? Here's a little blurb :In the pre-internet days, neither of us would have even thought of calling each other friends. We'd have called ourselves friends of friends who met once and yet, for some reason, kept sending each other grammatically challenged, inappropriately flirty letters with photos of ourselves attached. Police might have gotten involved.

I really just want to find Joel's myspace page & add him to my friend list...& also maybe invite him to join me on flickr & subscribe to my blog :)

& if you're offended by this article....please find your sense of humor here...errr.... I mean here!

hehehee ..yes I am feeling particularly giddy this morning ;) Hope you cheeky monkees have a great weekend! BFF

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