Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Hope you all had a happy halloween! Tyler went trick or treating for the first time....guess who he dressed up as ????

Who's that's Dash!
Sans mask ;)
Fighting crime as usual!
Awwwwww...isn't he sweet ;) He was soo brave going up & knocking on doors by himself...when he got to a "scary" house he'd say "we don't need their candy!" ...I know what you're thinking & my boy is not a wuss! Just ...selective! After about an hour of collecting his loot he said "ok guys only 2 more houses & we're done! I have enough candy thank you very much!" He didn't even try to eat any 'till we got back to the house!

A commentary from that evening....
Moi: I wasn't allowed to go trick or treating when I was little.
Tyler: why??? (eyes incredulous!)
Moi: ask your grandma (smirking to myself)
Tyler: grandma why ???
Grandma: I was in bondage!
Tyler: oh, ok.(shrugging his shoulders & moving on to the next house!)

Love you mom! I am not the least bit bitter that I missed out on the weirdest , most pointless holiday in the history of holidays! (yes ...I know this statement might cause a lot of conflict amongst you lovers of halloween....but I stand firm that knocking on strangers houses dressed up as a bunch of weirdos & demanding candy is just-not-normal! Any other day of the year I'm quite certain that cops would be called on your behalf!) & yes, we are doing this again next year because A: I am NOT in bondage & B:it saves me at least a weeks worth of $ I would have had spent on candy & C:...there's no C , I'm just type happy :)

Good night my cheeky monkees! .....ohhhhh I almost forgot the best news ever.... I have broken the barrier into retail! You can now find my goodies @ Galatea in downtown Raleigh! Whoot!

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Kate said...

Oh man, what a sweetie! He's adorable!