Thursday, November 8, 2007

Laughter Doeth The Heart Good

Whilst clearing out some old documents on my ancient computer I ran across this little list/journal I was keeping on the crazy stuff that comes out of that child 'o mines mouth ... If nothing else it's good for a chuckle ... & also I'm biased ... I think everything that he says is just so darned adorable :)

The Funny Things He Says:

  • “stummy”: stomach tummy
  • “momma, we never had a Bob before. Where did he come from?” (um...mars???)
  • “how come you didn’t leave the barn door open so we could see the cows inside”:when I drew a picture of a barn
  • “jinger bells” : singing jingle bells
  • “over the crunchy side” : over the country side, more jingle bells song
  • “my majesty” : referring to Me (love that boy!)
  • “Frustnoying” : frustrated & annoying (usually referring to me ::ahem::)
  • “pissappear” : disappear
  • “first a ball”: first of all
  • “mom sing me the song about Jesus’ ham” : father abraham
  • "ashley...": actually (as in: actually I didn't clean my room but can I still have some candy? ::sigh::)

I wish he would never ever not ever grow up!

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