Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crafty Kid

Good Morning my cheeky monkees...I hope you all had a lovely little holiday yesterday! My niece had off from school so we had a little craft time (that was cut short because I had to pick my sick (faking) boy up from school early!). Before the drama of the fake illness we were able to put together a little Juicy Couture ornament (she gets the obsession from her mother!).

Isn't it cute!?! It says "fun stuff" on the back but it wouldn't photograph well(operator error!).

& here's my crafty niece sporting some newly made felt ball earrings! (love the terrible blurry quality of this pic...let's call it artistic!)

& here is pic of some crafty goodness I've been up to :) Flower brooch, filigree rings & a teacup/spoon brooch that is very hard to tell what it is in this pic!

I'm off to get some more goodies made for the trunk shows I have lined up this weekend. My little shop will probably be closed Fri. night-through Sat. afternoon as I'll have most of the pretties w/me. ... Have a Happy Tuesday!

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