Thursday, October 25, 2007

Star Wars, Ben 10, Transformers oh My!

Tyler made out like a commercialized bandit for his bday yesterday! If it was a hit movie or cartoon he got a piece of it! Goodness gracious I think it's time to turn off the television & read more books! Anywhooooo....I took a cookie cake up to his school for lunch time which created a sugar induced frenzy (my apologies to his teacher!) & was a big hit!

later on we went to his grandparents house for more leftover cake & pizza & more presents!Transformer movie where the dvd case turns into a robot! (note the new Ben 10 alien watch in every pic ..I fear this one will never leave his wrist!)

This is the stink'n coolest Star Wars game ever! It just plugs into your tv & you battle with a sword against the bad guys in the screen! (great gift grandpa!)
He'll probably have the game beat by tomorrow! I however have very little coordination & can hardly start the game let alone win a battle! ...the day ended w/a sugar induced melt down at bedtime w/lots of tears & tantrums :( Happens ever year/'d think I'd remember & start tapering off the sweets by dinner time, alas...not so much!

Happy Birthday my big 'ol 6yr old! You are the best present I've ever received :)

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Sandra Evertson said...

OOo, that giant cookie cake looks YummY!
Sandra Evertson