Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jack O Lantern Love

Yesterday our good friend Bob surprised us with a big 'ol pumpkin for carving! Tyler was soo excited he demanded we cut him (yes, our pumpkin is a he) right up.

My boy is strong! Very heavy pumpkin + one determined boy = one pumpkin almost falling to the ground & getting smashed!
I love punk'n guts ! Tyler wouldn't touch them & made us pull them out because they are yucky :) ...must find a recipe to roast them...(& teach T to toughen up & get his hands dirty every once in awhile!)
Perfection! T opted for a happy punk'n so this one is smiling ...almost as big a grin as the kiddo himself :)

Of course I didn't have any tea lights to place in the masterpiece so I grabbed a votive & lit him up...only to smell ....burning pumpkin pie???? a few minutes later as our Jack 'o Lantern was being torched from the inside out ! Hmmmm....I should probably get some smaller candles for him ! ....Hope you cheeky monkees are having a fun fall & crafting it up for the holidays!

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