Friday, October 19, 2007

Say What???

Conversation with the boy @ bedtime ....

Tyler: mom, did you know Jesus is like a turkey sandwich?
Moi: umm...what ?
T: Jesus is THE SAME THING as a turkey sandwich (eyes rolling!)!
Moi: How ???
T: They both can't beat up a dude! DUH!(again w/the eyes rolling)
Moi: oooookaaaay...but , you know Jesus could probably beat up any dude He wanted to!(trying to think of a bible verse for this but...guess it's in Johanna's New American Standard & that just wasn't handy at the time!)
T: NO HE CAN'T! HE'S NOT HERE HE'S IN HEAVEN W/MY SANDWICH! (why he was yelling at this point I have no clue..such conviction in a 6 yr old!)
Moi:'s time for bed.

What in the world was that conversation about really??? No clue on this one folks! :) & why/how did his turkey sandwich die & go to heaven? ???? I think he's getting confrused in his bible lessons at school ... Maybe bible lessons are too close to lunch time :) & what dude is it that he thinks needs a good butt kicking?

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