Monday, October 8, 2007

Love In Southern Pines

I found my soulmate in Southern Pines...he's German, short & wears tights! Too bad he's already taken :) heeheehee

In other craft show news...I had a great time this weekend at the Autumn Fest! I met a fellow etsier...Hillary Hempstead & you can visit her cute sock monster shop right here! I bought a grumpy grey sock -it -to -me monster for Tyler which he thought was hysterical! It has a big fat bottom lip & bears a striking resemblance to him when he's pouting :)

...Introduced some other crafty folks to Etsy ...the Etsy community is growing as I type this! ...So much easier & quicker getting set up this second time around! Unfortunately due to some nasty car problems (my ac died on the way there! on the way home I had it turned off & I've never felt colder air coming from the vents before! Something very strange is going on...perhaps my car is possessed??? Either that or God is just really testing my frustration levels! ) I won't be able to make it to Charlotte next weekend ! :( I'm very disappointed that I won't get to meet my fellow Etsy crafters but in actuality I'm kinda still exhausted from back to back to shows ...time to rest up & prepare for the fall trunk shows I've booked!

Hope you cheeky monkees had a great weekend ! Smooches....J

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