Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fun W/Solder

Holy cow...two posts in one day!! What is the world coming to??? ...I just wanted to post some pictures of me having fun w/my soldering iron today ...hence the name of the post ;) ...hmmm & also minus any pictures w/me actually in them! Dur :)

There you have it cheeky monkees...wasn't that a fun photo montage of my day????? ....oh,I also wanted to let you all know:

1. I won't be updating the shop with any of these newbies (or those from yesterday) because of the upcoming shows. So if you see something you can't live w/o just let me know & I can create a reserved post for you in the shop.
2.My thumb & pointer finger may quite possibly be permanently a brownie/orangey color from all the oxidizing sans gloves today!...forgot to take a pic of that (not that anyone is really interested in the possible disfiguration of my fingers!)!
3.....oops, getting a little carried away w/myself over here...there really is no #3

...well I'm off to take the boy to practice & cook dinner & do laundry & hang new blinds....I know you're sooo jealous of my exciting life ;)


1 comment:

Kate said...

Very nice! I love the second one!