Monday, August 27, 2007

Can she do it...yes she can

...with minor injuries I did indeed get some work done today! Only burnt my finger twice & cut my thumb on some glass, but... all is well :D & I have something to show for it. Lots 'o soldered goodies (unfortunately I cannot photograph my glass pendants (operator error!) but here are the other goodies...

ah being ever so crafty ;) the new hair do???I cut off about 10"!
oh this makes me happy!!!! Vintage enamel clip on daisies & vintage brass flowers! ...swoon :D

& last but not least....the color came out very weird on this ..the glass in the center of the petals is really pale ice blue!?! Wait 'till I get some pics of me wearing it ..sooo stink'n cute on!

Hope you all were productive too! Perhaps I'll get motivated & get these goodies into the shop tomorrow!

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