Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's Officially Summer

The lightening bugs are out...must be officially summer time :) Prepare for stink'n hot ...yuck, definitely not my favorite time of year! I miss winter already....layers, lots of layers ! Well, better get over it ...keep pumping out summery jewelry ..oh, that reminds me, I ordered some very cool vintage white enamel chain that should be arriving shortly. I love presents in the mail ( even if I did pay for them myself !) which is probably why it would be wise if I didn't spend so much time browsing around etsy when I'm bored, I found a new site, Yumi Yumi art & she apparently has the same bird obsession as I ,so I had to snatch up one of her beautiful bird prints...I'm sure she'll be happy in her new home :) Check out her site linked in my list of favorites. I managed to make a necklace w/some yummy natural carnelian but I think I'm destructing it tonight & resurrecting it tomorrow as I wasn't exactly thrilled w/the way it turned out :( ...My niece's birthday is tomorrow & I made her an adorable charm bracelet (she's a bead freak like her aunt!) & I'll be taking her out to lunch ....yeah, something to do besides hang at the pool! ....I busted out my sketch book tonight for the first time in ...let's see, Tyler is 5 1/2 , so oh about 6 years ! I ended up w/charcoal up to my elbows ;) Maybe one day they'll wind up in my etsy shop...or at least previewed here if I can work up the courage. My mom was just commenting tonight how I'm much more creative when there's NO man in my life...hillarious! Must be something about an outlet...not going there tonight....& yes, I talk to/see my ma daily, we are very close & she lives about 2 blocks away from me ...maybe that's the reason there's not a man in my life right now ;) Information my cheeky monkees ....smooches


Anonymous said...

Every blog entry MUST have a comment so here I am commenting. I love your work and love to read about your life, your child, your mother. She must be pretty wonderful for you to spend that much time with her:)

Good Girls Studio said...

Can't imagine who wrote this ;)

daughterofluxury said...

I'm loving your rock candy necklace! It's gorgeous! And I think you know why I love it so much!