Sunday, June 3, 2007

In the Begining

Welcome to my little world ... I'm new to this blogging thing & have never quite heard this voice of mine before! Kinda scary in a good conquering my fear kinda way ! Well, let's get started then... where to begin...I've recently opened my online shop ( & have heard that blogging helps things along so here I am. A little bit about me: I'm terrified of all this! Trying to separate the "they don't like me" from the "they really are just not interested in that piece of jewelry"'s taken awhile but I'm getting there! Anywhoo....I'm on my I want to be a stay at home mom mission which is the reason behind all of this. The store I was running liquidated & I decided to take the summer off, spend some time time w/my little boy (they grow up so fast) & try my luck at selling my own designs instead of other peoples. I started making jewelry over a year ago & love it...I've finally tapped into my creative juices & they have spilled all over my dining room table (onto the floor, bedroom, computer get the idea...controlled chaos)! I'll be blogging along about my adventures at the table as well as life w/a 5 yr old :) Check back often..I'm sure to get better at this!

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preston said...

Don't stop till you're famous.

Preston Ely