Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She's BAaaaack!!

So apparently it's been awhile since I've lifted off on here! Sorry to have stayed away for soo long...I've been on a long self journey/recovery mission. It was far too long & painful but it was for the best!  I am back & whole & better than before!! 

*happy dance**

The road here was full of tears...losing myself to find myself again... only to wander around lost again. I appreciate all your messages, prayers & encouragement!! God is good & more faithful than I! Heartache is worse when there is no closure (if you hadn't noticed all those Backstabber necklaces that popped into the I had been living in what felt like the eye of a tornado...there was calm right next to me but I knew that at any minute I would get torn apart again by my fickle heart. 

Closure...sweet release!! I don't know why I waited soo long to ask for it...I guess I was afraid of the finality of it. I kept thinking I would be lost once I knew it was completely over between us, that all hope for my future would leave me. I was wrong...what I thought was missing in my life (him) was really me missing that closure. It was healing... therapeutic even! I found myself laughing while sweating my butt off working out this evening :) First time in awhile where I felt genuinely happy! Praise God! 

I leave you with these few thoughts that have been whirling through my brain...

1: Never ever not ever let a man become your whole life!!!

2: Be strong...

3: I am working on a new ling of jewelry called Reconciled...I am sooo excited & cannot wait to share it with you!

4: I'm still crazed with work so please, if you haven't already, come over to FB & play with me here!!! My newest work is always posted on there first & most of the time it never makes its way into the shop!

5: Thank you for not giving up on me!!! I love each & every one of you & pray for you all often! There was a time not too long ago that I thought about closing up shop, my inspiration left me when he did. A dear customer turned bestie told me that I needed to take him out of the equation, that my jewelry was an inspiration to her & others & that it wasn't just about me. That my designs make others happy & lift their souls :) Sweet words I needed to hear...but I do wish that just every once in awhile something was about

6: This too shall pass!!! It will... I promise! If you are going through a painful spell in this journey please message me, Id' love to talk to you!! 

7: Happiness IS a choice! 

8: I love to love to love you! 

9: Last but not least...the chain headpieces I made for the last fashion show have not made it into the shop! Please message me for custom orders!!

10: If you're happy & you know it clap your hands *clap*clap* :)


SewSweetStitches said...

AMEN to #1!!! My first husband walked out on me (6 months pregnant) about 7 years ago, and he STILL controls my life/thoughts/emotions. Anyway, I'm glad you're happy, you deserve it! I'm off to check out your shop...

alexkeller said...

glad you're back!
i thank my lucky stars that my husband & i found each other way back when. but my 6 year old rules my life these days :)

mamawolf said...

im new to your blog but i love it. let me just say that i myself am just on the cusp of the end (but desperately not wanting to speak to soon) of a broken heart. ive just started up a blog to celebrate breaking out of that rusty cage and my newfound independence. check it out if you like my ex threw me out when i was 14 weeks pregnant and has since moved on with another cause life is just that simple for some. im 28 weeks pregnant now and couldnt be happier about the prospects of travel and writing with the little one :)
thank you for being you!!

Famous Flower Shops Jaipur said...

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