Friday, February 17, 2012

On Learning to Fly

As you may (or may not) know I am a bit bird obsessed! Their images cover my walls, their little nests that have been found on long winding walks are tucked away on desks and in cupboards... birds peek out & tweet from all corners of my home. OBSESSED!
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It may have started when I was little & my parents nicknamed me Bird (presumably as a joke because I did NOT eat like a bird...haha...thanks for that!) but I like to think it's because they knew I would one day fly free in this crazy mixed up world.

Funny thing about flying... sometimes you crash... hurling & falling painfully to the ground. Sometimes you fall gracefully, your feet lightly touch the ground as you skid to a stop. I firmly believe that either way you land that you have landed there at the exact most perfect time to be where right where you were supposed to be all along. Maybe it's to learn a lesson or perhaps you crashed there just in time to turn around  & catch someone else who is falling. Or maybe, just maybe you fell into freedom!

I have a tattoo of a feather on my wrist (my permanent bracelet) , it reminds me to spread my wings  & not be afraid of crashing. The inside of that wrist is a tattoo of my favorite verse: John 8:36 ...when the Lord sets you free you are free indeed! Ahhhh....freedom, how sweet it is & oh how painful it is when we crash...forgetting that we landed right where we belonged all along!
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Learning to fly is a never ending process... I spread my wings to soar while holding tight to the very things that keep me grounded &  I wonder why I don't seem to be free & am stuck on the ground! I'm quite sure God is up there shaking his head saying "silly girl if you would just let go, I've already set you free"!

Today I embrace my freedom. I pray you find freedom too! It's something we have to cling to daily, it's the only way to fly! & if you crash don't worry, shed your tears but know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

& if you are in need of some help flying there are a few feathers in the shop ;) 

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Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Berl Girl said...

Fly high into the sky and enjoy the view from up there........