Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Girls {heart} Bad Boys

You've been asking for it sooo...
here it is just in time for the holidays....

I am soo excited to show you a peek 
at my new mens line of jewelry!!! 


Show your man you love his inner good guy...
we all know how they love to play the role of tough guy 
but inside they are all sensitive & romantic least we HOPE SO right ;) 

I'd love some feedback for these prototypes pretty please!!

~Boom I Got Your Girlfriend ~

Getting the pricing & rest of the photography done in the next week
& then will be popping them into the shop!

What have you sweet things been up to this week?

PS: thanks for all the bday love'n on The Boy!
He was spoiled perfectly rotten   :) 
10 yrs old...going on 16!

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