Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go'n On a Treasure Hunt

I love treasure hunting!!!
My $3 score!!!

Especially when my mom tags along!! :)

Thee Good Girls & her proud momma ;)

 She is such a good picker! 

Look at all this loot!
Antique belt buckle!
Itty Bitty fabric screw back earrings {swoon}

My favorite!! 
I may have to keep this for myself!

I may have to wear the mask for Halloween! Hmmm....what should I be? A dead girl from a Masquerade Ball? Sounds kinda like the plot to a CSI ;)

Sparkling baubles! Antique shoe clips & buckles... LOVE!!!
The Mister is going as a Zombie with his face peeling off {blech}
& The Boy wants to be a vampire again but I think he may change his mind when we actually go to the Party Store to get his last minute costume... have I ever told you how much I hate being scared!?! Those stores creep me out!

What are you birds going to be for Halloween?

Ps: If you are scrolling through the bloggy blog & wondering what all the big ?s are...well...I lost a few years of blog pics when I accidentally deleted a Picasso Album :( I threw up in my mouth when I found out! I felt like I lost my identity & it was time to kill the past hence the lack of blogging for the past few months! But it's time to move on so I'm back :) Plus I cut my hrs way back at the part time gig so I'm BACK :) & if you happen to know how to rescue a Picasso Album that got deleted please let me know! *muah*


alexkeller said...

i was just wondering about you the other day .... good to see you're still busy!

Lilith said...

Love that mask! Gorgeous accessories