Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet September

Dear September,
Oh how you draw me in with your lure of hope & promise of fall. You suck me in with thoughts of cool breezes & leaves changing colors. Visions of romance by the fireplace warm my heart. You bring a rosy glow to my cheeks as I peruse fall catalogs with their cozy sweaters & comforting boots.

Please do us all a favor & live up to my expectations. This summer has been a let down & you don't have to do much to outshine it!

Thee Good Girl


I am sooo ready for fall! Aren't you??
Went to the flea market Sunday & it was actually bearable out which was a nice change!
While I was there I scored 2 vintage pocketknives for more Backstabbing & all the supplies I needed to finish my last look for the fashionSPARK fashion show! Whoohoo!
My last look for the show is about redemption
(full scoop coming later)

Backstabbers :)

Sorry I've been quite the sporadic blogger this summer! I promise to be a good girl (haha) & get back to my regular scheduled blogging :)

Well my birds I must run! I'm off for a fitting with Margo of Rocket Betty who is hopefully making me a fabulous dress to wear to the fashion show! {squeal} I cannot wait to see what she comes up with. I'm bringing my camera with me so I should be back with some fun studio shots from her place :)

Oh & before I forget, some of you have been asking about the convertible charm necklace/bracelets since they all got shipped off to a wholesale order. There is a new one in the shop * NOW* (as of 10 min. ago) that converts into 3 bracelets!!

~Charmed Life~
{available here}

& also I popped in this tragic tangle of lies
which may or may not be an ode to my ex-husband ;)

~Web of Lies~
...she had busted him once & for all. He was so tangled up in his web of deceit he couldn't even distinguish fact from fiction any more.
{available here}



Anna said...

ooh I dig that web of lies :)

very pretty xo

Diana Mieczan said...

I am so ready for fall too:) have a great day:)

ps: I am hosting a lovely GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) …I bet you will love it!!!

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