Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bird Brain

Popping in to let you lady birds know that I've started putting some 1950's Audubon Birds of America prints up for grabs in my vintage/supply shop!

(did you know I had such a thing??)

~Vesper Sparrow~


There's all sorts of fun goodies in there!

~Mourning Dove~

I'm thinking my studio is full of treasures I've been hording & I a giveaway is in order to help me feel better about how much I am keeping ;)

~Cedar Waxwing~

Plus I'll feel less guilty about how little I've been blogging lately whilst getting ready for the

Stay tuned Thurs. for the giveaway details!!

1 comment:

S and O said...

Oh those are so beautiful! I used to have a stamp book full of pictures like that but then I also had a lot of letters to send. I don't have that stamp book anymore but these paints are a wonderful reminder.