Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baubles, Bangles & .... Belts?

New foray into belt making!!

Searching for a unique belt for fall
& being the poor starving artist that I am
I decided to make myself one!

& can't seem to stop myself from making them
so into the shop they will go soon enough :)

Each piece is an individual brooch so you can cluster them
on ribbon or a scarf & wear as a belt.
(like as pictured)

Or take them off & wear them individually as brooches on your favorite cardigan or jacket or pin them to your handbag! Limitless options! All made using vintage or recycled fabric, trim & jewelry trinkets!

~These flowers are made from cargo shorts
that didn't fit The Boy any more~


You birds behaving yourselves this week?
(I certainly hope not!)
My song of choice lately
(Good Girls Gone Bad hahaha)
has been replaced...
My mom gave me a new theme song this week :)

How had I never heard this song before??

One last thing...Please leave me some feedback on the belts!! Tell me what you think please so I can tweak the design before posting them for sale :)


Emily-Claire said...

Cool belts!!! It's nice to see them all jazzed up!

Rachel said...

oh man the one with the cargo short flowers is BEAUTIFUL! fabulous job.

SewSweetStitches said...

I love the crochet/tatted/whatever bits of lace on the belts, so cute!

Createology said...

You have a super clever idea here and the look is very chic. Really complements your jewelry lines. Happy creating...

Melissa said...

Gorgeous belt idea!

kirstyb said...

fabulous x

Savvy Gal said...

Nice DIY. I will also use necklaces as belt.

Kristin said...

That purple/greyish color is so gorgeous!

jonahliza said...

woah- those are super cool <3

Mélanie A. said...

Love these belts