Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Ba'ack...

Hello my lovelies!
A quick post to let you birds know I am indeed back in Raleigh
& have been working my fingers to the bone all day
taking & editing photos of all the new jewelry!

& now that that is done....
(8hrs later)

I decided to go ahead & start popping them into the shop!!

Shop update in progress until I can no longer keep my eyes open :)

So far we have the charm bracelet/necklace shown above


~Ooopsa Daisy~
(up for grabs here)

& don't worry...there is much, much more!

A proper vacation recap
& more baubles coming in the morning!

**You can keep up with the shop update
right here on my Facebook Fanpage**

...until tomorrow.....


CrowNology said...

Love the charm bracelet...
Welcome back...
Going to look in the shop and see what you've been doin'.

Melissa said...

Welcome back! What gorgeous new pieces!!!

alexkeller said...

good times were had, i'm sure - nice to have you back & love the charm necklace :)

Emily-Claire Ballou said...

That daisy necklace is so funky cool!