Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Good Morning &
Happy Monday my lovelies!

Did you have a wonderful weekend??
We had some gorgeous weather & I was able to take The
Boy to the park for a little game of Basketball!

{I lost in case you were wondering, go figure ;) }

I love how I caught him in lift off here!
& bonus, his little belly is showing hahaha!

I know what you're thinking....
"umm wasn't she supposed to post the winner Saturday?? What is she waiting for? "

....I do apologize for the delay! My internet keeps going all wonky & flickering out on me! So I am scrambling to put this together in pieces & saving it as a I go & hoping the whole thing doesn't go kabluey again! {eek!}

So without further ado,
a very scientific winner picking process:

Moi: Tyler, pick a # between 1 & 21
The Boy: Why?
Moi: Because I said so, help me out please!
The Boy: Fine...10!
Moi: {counting comments } umm no, pick again that's me!
The Boy: Nope, you said pick a # & I did, congratulations you won!
Moi: I can't win it's my contest!! Pick another # {sigh}
The Boy: ...
Moi: NOW please, could we do it today! {eyes rolling}
The Boy: Fine...3, you happy!?! {smirking}

Congratulations to No3 (ms. Crownology)
from The Good Girl
her sarcastic belligerent son :)
{Crownology, please shoot me an email @
& let me know your preference of gold or silver & your adr merci!}


& now back to our regular scheduled programming :)

Our lovely warm weather day had me pining away for Spring & blooming flowers with their sprinkling of painterly pale colors! What's the next best thing to fresh blossoms???

How about vintage 1960's blooms!?!

Yes my birds I busted out my stash of flowers I've been hording :)
I was (still am) saving them for Spring, but I had to create something, had to capture my magical Spring'ish day in 3 dimensional form...

I'm not sure when I'll be putting her up for grabs. Right now she's brightening up my studio & keeping me happy while sending me warm Springy thoughts!


I did sneak a few other things in the shop late last week!
Did you see these???
~Project Runway~
...bags under her eyes from nights up late sketching designs, tender fingers from all the pin pricks, headaches from the complaining was all worth it when she got her Fashion Academy Gold Medal!

& for Valentines Day...

~Lovers Lane~
...walking down the street... always holding hands, heads bowed close together whispering sweet nothings. Their romance would last a lifetime, or at least until the end of the block!

Sarcastic romances inspired by a certain someone who shall remain nameless ;)

& this isn't in the shop yet but she's just as cheeky...

~The Key to Her Heart~
...she wouldn't have given him her heart if
she had know he would lock it away
& never take it out to play with!

More of those to come you can be certain!

I'd love some feedback on the Valentines jewelry!
Is it tooo harsh? For those of you who know me I can be a bit...ummm...what's the word??? Forward? Unfiltered? Either way, I speak sarcasm first, English second ('tis one of my intentions to reverse that order but as I've already had 1 do over for the year I can't be too pushy with myself!) So for me ,this would be a great gift! Romantic jewelry with a sarcastic tone! Maybe I'm over thinking this??

Thoughts?? Comments??

Hope you're having a great start to your week!


PS: stupid computer went down
5 times while I wrote this post! Sheesh!


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Does the boy have springs in his sneakers? That is some major air he got...wowza!

Congrats to the lucky winner!

Be still my heart! What gorgeous...beyond gorgeous creations! I wish I was rich, I'd be dripping in Good Girls!

I hope your stupid computer stops acting up!

Have a wonderful and blessed week my friend!

Love and hugs,

CrowNology said...

Yay for me!
And for you and your little man too!
I am so happy to win something of yours! I've been coveting for a long time!!!
Thank you so much Johanna.
I love the new blooms necklace. Perfect.

icandy... said...

My son used to be a ball player, too! He would spank me every time! haha :) What a lovely post you have here and the jewelry is gorgeous!!
Congrats to the winner!!

SewSweetStitches said...

omigosh that blue flower necklace is STUNNING!

Createology said...

You surely had a creative day. Love your blue spring sprung necklace. You really have an eye for just the right compositions.

Leproust Vintage said...

Oh wow! I LOVE the floral is gorgeous!

alexkeller said...

love the spring necklace! i've been hording some flowers areound here somewhere....and i have a sarcastic son, too - but mine's only 3!!!

Kristin said...

You know who I could see wearing one of your pieces? The First Lady. She's sported brooches in the most amazing ways and I can so picture her wearing one of your necklaces!

Kate said...

jo, that necklace is absolutely gorgeous. But then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Your work is fantastic.

kirstyb said...

love playing basketball i miss it xx

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Thanks Sweet Friend...I think I need my 50,000 mile overhaul, I'm falling apart!


Emily-Claire said...

Congratulations to the winner! :)

That flower necklace is nothing short of STUNNING! Love, love, love it!

The Valentine's Day pieces are fantastic too! You are one creative Good Girl. :)

Tia said...

CANNOT wait for you to post the 60's bloom necklace on etsy. it is sooooo mine!!

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