Monday, November 2, 2009

& We Have A Winner...

Sorry to keep the suspense for so long !! Internet is back up (obviously!) & ALL the boxes are unpacked (pics of the new studio coming soon!) !! Whoohoo!! Sooo....Drum Roll please.....The Winner is KreatedByKelly ! Kelly please shoot me an email with your adr. & the earrings will be gifted out to you promptly! However did I pick a winner you ask??

It was very mathematical deduction ....
Moi: "Tyler pick a number between 1 & 17."
Tyler: " I'm 8."
Moi: "So the number 8 then?"
Tyler: "Duh!"
I'd like to say he gets his sarcasm from his dad,
but since it's just me here
.... DUH!
Thank you everyone for your kind comments! You all literally brought me to tears! I am stunned by all the supportive emails & convos I've received :)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Did you birds have a Happy Halloween? We went to a party Friday night at the last minute since all the packing got done. Tyler had already gotten a GIJoe costume but I had nothing to wear! Whatever was I to do??? Luckily most of my clothes are more costumes than outfits (thanks for pointing that out mom!haha) so I threw on a vintage ensemble: black velvet & ostrich feather cape (circa 1970's courtesy of my aunt) & my feather & mink hat (circa early 1900's courtesy of my neighborhood antique mall) add some long necklaces from my shop & voila
...a {sort of} Flapper'ish outfit....

Tyler is petting my hat not giving you all the finger, I promise :)

Good thing we dressed up & went because when Saturday night came around we were both pooped! He asked me if " instead of going trick or treating could we just buy some candy & carve our pumpkin?" Poor kiddo! I told him he was making a very grownup descision & then we went to buy chocolate :)

So of course I had to try out my new oven & roast some pumpkin seeds! I dried them off a bit ( I have no patience for these things so they were still damp when I roasted them) tossed them with salt, garlic powder, my delicious Spanish paprika & EVOO. Roasted them @ 300 for about an hour. They're like healthy tiny potato chips...except not :) I've eaten almost an entire pumpkins worth already! I'm sure to have a stomach soon!



Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

DRATS! Oh, I mean congrats to KreatedByKelly! Tyler, why couldn't you be 15...huh?

Glad you had a fun Halloween and loved seeing the photos, Tyler is a cutie! He sounds like an old soul and a smart one at that...chocolate and no work!

The expression on your pumpkin has me giggling!

Love and hugs,

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Me again...I keep adding you to my blog roll so I can keep up with you and it never sticks! I just added it again...cross your fingers that the thrid time is a charm!

Kate said...

Dude, your son is like the coolest kid ever! Wise beyond his years, that's for sure!

Good Girls Studio said...

I think I'll keep him around, I kinda like him too :)

kirstyb said...

yay for the winner x

Emily-Claire said...

Your son is a cutie :)

I just saw the "Quit your Dayjob" interview on Etsy!!! Congrats! It is quite the honor and you deserve it. I really appreciated that you were so honest in the interview - don't we all have those days where we second guess ourselves? You are such an inspiration to me.

I just saw that you will be at the Troika Music Festival tomorrow, so I will see you there! :)

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