Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday!

Did you birds have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend ?
Here's a quick wrap-up of my Holiday weekend
in pictures & quotes!

(me hiding & go seeking)

~On Game Playing~
Uncle P:"I'm only playing if there's a prize!"
Uncle P: "Electric Eels are too insulting ...look it up!"
Uncle P: " boom , I just won!"
Me: "Boom, no you didn't!"
Uncle P: "I don't want to play scabble, it's all wordy & strategizing like my life...OMG my life is a Scrabble game!"

(mom & I cheese'n)

(Uncle P & The Boy)
~On emmulating Uncle P~
Me: "Tyler, I said quit fake texting at the table!"
he has one of my old cell phones which does NOT work & all day long whenever Uncle P would text he would pull out his phone & "text" too!)
Me: "Tyler drink some water"
T: " I dont like water!"
Uncle P: " I love water! It makes me strong & healthy!"
T:" ma can I get some water?"
Me : {facepalm}

(The rents showing off their talents!)

Uncle P: "Can I get one more text pass"

~ On Too Much Togetherness~
Dad: (to mom) "You're a major mocker!"
Mom: (to dad) : "oh yeah well you're a father mocker!" omg!:)
Me: " I learned it from watching you mom! "
Me: "Dad could you please stop bleeding all over the counter! Some of us are trying to eat here!"
Dad: (to P) " Whale hater!"
Me: "Save the krill!"
Uncle P: " Your dog should be a cat. I like cats."

I {heart} my family!
We are the most fantastically sarcastic bunch!
Bad news gals, my brother forgot the video camera
so there is no footage of the Talent show :(
If you can use your imagination...picture this...My segment of dramatic reading began with : "The year was 1985, The story, a tale of a 3rd grade little girl & her creative over dramatic imagination!" It was quite funny & if I get some time I'll scan a journal entry in :) Hilarious! There was a bit of footage shot from a camera when my mom decided to breakdance after watching The Boy show off his talent but she might not invite me back for Christmas if I post it here :) Am I the only one whose relatives put on a stage show for every holiday get together???

In other news...
Have you checked out my Facebook fan page today?? The Cyber Monday Sale is going on in
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sales & giveaways for the holidays! & don't forget I'm offering Free worldwide shipping for the Holidays!

I'm hoping to get some more goodies made before this weekends Boylan Heights Art Walk! Perhaps I'll have some new baubles to show you later today!

TaTa for now,


Kristin said...

Woop woop for Cyber Monday! Looks like you had a fabulous holiday weekend. Yay!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I'm still available for adoption! Your family is hysterical and I heart them too!

Drats!! No footage, I so wanted to see this years installment of the talent show and your dramatic reading.

Have fun creating this week and good luck at your show.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Love your etsy shop, must look into that sale! :)And also, very cute coronet!